Past conferences


2017-05-23 The FRTB Implementation Summit Europe

2017-05-09 Plenary Presentation at Global Derivatives by Alexander Sokol

2017-03-22 The 6th Annual Initial Margin & XVA Conference

2017-03-08 Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: Towards Implementation Phase, Testing & Data Solutions Conference


2013-11-19 Global Derivatives USA, Chicago

2013-12-06 RiskMinds Conference, Amsterdam

2013-11-18 Quants Hub Workshop Day, London

2013-10-31 Asia Risk Congress, Hong Kong

2013-10-21 RiskMinds Asia Conference, Hong Kong

2013-10-17 WBS Fixed Income Conference Munich

2013-10-16 WBS Long Dated Models for CVA/PFE Workshop

2013-06-18 RiskMinds USA Conference Boston

2013-04-16 Global Derivatives Conference Amsterdam

2013-03-21 WBS CVA Conference London

2013-03-07 WBS CVA Conference NYC

2013-02-07 MarcusEvans Practical CVA Forum London