Alexander Sokol, CompatibL’s founder and head of quant research, sat down with Eugene Grygo of the Financial Technologies Forum (FTF) to talk about how trading and risk models are getting an exponential boost from machine learning.

The podcast covers:

  • What a variational autoencoder (VAE) is and how CompatibL’s Autoencoder Market Models (AEMM) work
  • How machine learning-enabled models might help with interest rate portfolios, managing limits and add-ons, as well as credit exposure concerns
  • How cloud computing and the push for digital transformations are helping to advance autoencoder-based models

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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Autoencoder Market Models Paper: Now Available on SSRN
Alexander Sokol’s working paper “Autoencoder Market Models for Interest Rates” has been published on SSRN. Click the button below to get the full version of the paper and learn more about the new type of interest rate models based on machine learning.

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