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CompatibL offers custom software development, including cloud, web, desktop and native application development, and aims at enabling scalability, boosting productivity and efficiency, streamlining business functions, and reaching customers’ KPI targets.

Our custom software application development solutions help businesses transform, grow, and prosper. We offer cloud application development and system integration solutions for the most complex financial systems, and software testing and QA services to ensure the software delivers expected value to our clients.

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Custom Software Application Development Services

CompatibL delivers full-spectrum custom application development to clients from multiple financial sectors worldwide. Boasting multi-year experience and domain expertise, our teams dive into a project’s specifics to craft a one-of-a-kind digital solution tailored to fit specific business needs.

By choosing CompatibL as a partner, customers gain ready access to cutting-edge technology paired with in-depth knowledge of the latest IT trends and innovations. The extensive experience and world-class skills of our teams allow us to develop turnkey custom software to meet the specific needs of our customers. In addition, we are committed to compliance with recognized industry-standard practices and secure coding approaches. As a result, we bring our customers’ business ideas to life and enhance their productivity and performance.

Cloud Application Development Services

CompatibL enables customers to benefit from integration with leading cloud platforms, to automate and simplify many business functions, reduce risks, and improve their agility. With additional microservices based on data-centric and flexible platforms, our company offers individual deployment.

With our cloud application development services, customers can combine existing strengths with new opportunities. We offer advanced cloud solutions comprising cloud software development, system integration, and consultancy. Our consultants have extensive experience and our solutions are integrated with adherence to regulatory frameworks.

Systems Integration Services

CompatibL systems integration services allow customers’ system components to be combined so that the entire system operates in an efficient and safe environment, information is accessed promptly, and information management is expertly enhanced and reliable.

Our systems integration solutions comprise consultation, integration, maintenance, and support built upon evidence from across the financial industry. Our systems integration services include business continuity planning, application and enterprise systems integration, platform integration, enterprise management, disaster recovery, network integration, and security infrastructure.

With our systems integration solutions, businesses can compete, innovate, and maximize their performance.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

CompatibL provides a software testing process that empowers businesses to grow and upgrade. While our company QA teams verify and validate a software application to ensure it is free of bugs, errors, and faults and meets all technical and user requirements, our customers can focus on providing trusted and highest quality offerings.

As the best in their field, our QA testing teams always have a clear perspective of end users’ needs for manual QA testing and apply the most advanced automation tools for automation QA testing. We test strategy preparation, design, applications, and integration, review existing automation frameworks and processes, and perform automation testing for web applications. In addition, CompatibL experts are armed with recognized QA testing methods and approaches to ensure a superior experience for our customers.
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Our aim is to tackle the technical side of a business in the fastest, most effective way possible and make sure nothing prevents a company’s digital overhaul.
Advantages for Businesses
Learn more about the benefits of our customized approach to digital transformation services for business and how we can help improve engagement and achieve operational excellence.

Industry Experts

We customize the customer’s digital infrastructure to their business goals, delivered in the way the customer needs it to keep up with digital trends in financial services.

Our experts regularly consider the world’s leading technologies and have over 18 years of experience in helping banks, central banks, and asset managers in 85 countries to deliver top-notch services and solutions.

Security and Compliance

CompatibL team is committed to providing secure, compliant, stable, and reliable software architecture and UI/UX design services worldwide.

Our software architecture and UI/UX design services are powered by advanced identity and access management, data encryption, and recovery capabilities, so you can trust your solution to be safe from security threats and compliant with industry standards.

Proven Methodologies

CompatibL team maintains an agile, collaborative, and responsive software development process to deliver UI/UX design solutions efficiently.

Dedicated Teams

Our teams deliver the most advanced digital solutions to financial companies. Their contribution to meeting customer requirements demonstrates their dedication and expertise.

The CompatibL multidisciplinary teams deliver cutting-edge technology solutions supplemented with rock-solid security to drive business goals and stimulate digital transformation.
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