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Our proficient and skilled UI/UX design and development team has 15+ years’ experience across a range of financial industries: CompatibL has delivered desktop, web, and cloud applications for trading, risk management, operations, and many other areas of banking and asset management. We know how to take advantage of the state-of-the-art customer experience and create compelling design.

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Our Expertise
We offer UI/UX design services that comprise UX research, development of software architecture, development of user experience and user interface including front-end development supported with research, development of concepts and prototypes, and delivery of appealing designs.

Our specific services include information architecture aimed at developing cloud, web or desktop applications and bringing logic to graphic design that ensures alignment with your customer brand identity. Take advantage of the latest technologies and Agile methodologies targeted to improve current experience, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

UX Research

We determine business objectives and workflows to reveal the most valuable content to be fed into the designing process.

Information Architecture

We structure, label, and arrange content to enhance its findability and applicability so users get exactly what they are looking for.

User Experience (UX) Development

We deliver fully functional prototypes, wireframes, design patterns, navigation, and data visualization based on research and analysis of business content.

User Interface (UI) Development

We bring UX concepts into effective UI design with concise architecture.

Front-End Development

We develop products that delight users with their look and feel, functionality, and performance in desktop, web, and cloud environments. To maximize this experience, we test and refine our code using proven practices.
Our Work
We have a proven track record of building high quality software architecture and stunning UI/UX design for the world’s leading financial firms. Browse through our latest work to find inspiration and turn your idea into a successful solution to achieve tangible business results.
Data visualization
We have extensive experience with visualizing complex financial data
Intuitive navigation
We determine such UI components as layout, transitions, element placement, and functionality at the initial phase of UX wireframing. Based on these, our experts deliver a fully operational prototype and test it to ensure a user-centric approach.
CompatibL’s advanced Pivot control helps analyze data easily, virtualizing columns as well as rows. The Pivot control allows for extensive BI support accommodating numerous built-in charts and API extension.
Processing large amounts of data
CompatibL UI JavaScript components allow rendering and processing of large amounts of data.
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Our aim is to identify the software architecture and UI/UX design services that best fit specific business needs in the fastest, most effective way possible and to ensure nothing prevents the customer’s business digital overhaul.
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    Advantages for Your Business
    Learn more about the benefits of our customized approach to digital transformation services for business and how we can help improve engagement and achieve operational excellence.

    Industry Experts

    We customize the customer’s digital infrastructure to their business goals, delivered in the way the customer needs it to keep up with digital trends in financial services.

    Our experts regularly consider the world’s leading technologies and have over 18 years of experience in helping banks, central banks, and asset managers in 85 countries to deliver top-notch services and solutions.

    Security and Compliance

    CompatibL team is committed to providing secure, compliant, stable, and reliable software architecture and UI/UX design services worldwide.

    Our software architecture and UI/UX design services are powered by advanced identity and access management, data encryption, and recovery capabilities, so you can trust your solution to be safe from security threats and compliant with industry standards.

    Proven Methodologies

    CompatibL team maintains an agile, collaborative, and responsive software development process to deliver UI/UX design solutions efficiently.

    Dedicated Teams

    Our teams deliver the most advanced digital solutions to financial companies. Their contribution to meeting customer requirements demonstrates their dedication and expertise.

    The CompatibL multidisciplinary teams deliver cutting-edge technology solutions supplemented with rock-solid security to drive business goals and stimulate digital transformation.
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