We are excited to announce that CompatibL will sponsor and participate in the 19th Quantitative Finance Conference, organized by World Business Strategies (WBS), which will take place in Valencia, Spain, from September 27 through September 29.

The three-day conference will focus on cutting-edge machine learning, generative artificial intelligence, and quant research, with more than 40 speakers taking part—including Alexander Sokol, CompatibL’s Executive Chairman.

Alexander will conduct a workshop on Large Language Models in Financial Markets on Wednesday, September 27, 13:00–17:00, give a presentation on Risk Management Applications of Large Language Models on Thursday, September 28, 11:00–11:45, and moderate a two-part panel discussion on Large Language Models and Machine Learning Models for Valuation, XVA, and Risk on Thursday, September 28, 17:15–18:00.

Other conference topics will include:

  • Generative AI/Large Language Models
  • Volatility, Pricing, and Modeling
  • Machine Learning, Alt Data, and Deep Learning
  • ESG and Climate Risk

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About WBS’s Quantitative Finance Conference

Every year, WBS’s Quantitative Finance Conference brings together professionals, researchers, academics, and leading experts in quantitative finance from all over the world to share and discuss their knowledge and experiences, new perspectives, and innovations in the industry. The 18th conference will be hosted exclusively as an in-person event.

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