Enterprise Software Development Services

Software Development Services

Our application engineering team has track record of over 100 delivered enterprise custom software development projects for the world’s largest banks and asset managers. Applications built by CompatibL engineers and quants perform a mission critical role in the core business for 4 of the 5 largest dealers, 33 central banks and some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

CompatibL uses multiple models of engagement, from taking responsibility for the entire project to team augmentation, and can work with most mainstream development stacks.

Systems Integration

CompatibL brings its expertise in quant research to its systems integration practice. We specialize in the most challenging integration projects involving complex trade and market data and advanced quant models.

CompatibL has been an accredited Murex Business Partner since 2013, with multiple integration and validation projects delivered to Murex clients.

CompatibL Platform

In addition to custom development services around the client’s preferred development stack, we offer application delivery on top of CompatibL Platform – an award-winning on-premises and multi-cloud enterprise platform for trading and risk applications.

The platform can be deployed in your data center or private cloud and in most public clouds, including AWS and Azure. It leverages the latest serverless cloud technologies, including AWS Fargate, Lambda, Step Functions and Azure Functions.

CompatibL Platform includes support for traditional and serverless parallel computing, a powerful HTML5 front end with advanced BI, the ability to integrate your analytics written in C++, C#, Java and Python, and a backend-agnostic database adapter that supports most traditional and cloud databases.

CompatibL Platform is the enterprise application platform powering CompatibL Risk, our software solution for market and credit risk.

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