QuantMinds and CompatibL are bringing you their first ever annual hackathon, to be held at QuantMinds International 2023 on November 13, 2023.

This event, which promises to be a dynamic convergence of quantitative experts, academics, and students, is set to push the boundaries of AI and modeling techniques.

What sets our hackathon apart is its all-encompassing approach: professionals from the financial sector, academia, and students are all invited to participate. This new yearly event provides a level playing field by offering different ways for participants to demonstrate their skills—prompt engineering (a natural language–based approach), traditional coding, or both.

Another feature of the event is its potential real-world impact. Solutions developed during the hackathon could positively shape the financial industry. The winning ideas might even appear among the hot topics at the next QuantMinds conference.

Alexander Sokol, CompatibL’s Executive Chairman and Hackathon Leader, said:

“This hackathon is a unique opportunity for participants not only to showcase their coding or prompt engineering skills but also to learn and grow as professionals. It’s not just a competition—it’s a platform to push the boundaries of AI and quantitative modeling.”

Participants will compete across four distinct categories, each aligned with different aspects of quantitative finance. The competition’s structure is designed to incentivize participants to tackle the most challenging categories, with winners determined by their performance relative to the category average. To ensure inclusivity and to foster the next generation of quantitative talent, a second, distinct set of prizes will recognize student participants or teams at PhD level or below.

Follow this link to register and learn more.

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