Transform your key processes and leverage the potential of IT services in the financial industry

USD 282 Billion

Forecasted size of the market for global managed IT services by 2023.



Amount of Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) projected investment in security and cloud-based solutions by 2025.


USD 715,000

The average cost of all cyberattacks in 2019 faced by companies employing between 250 and 999 people.


The Top Six Challenges for the Financial Industry in 2021 That May be Solved with IT Service Management

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IT Services

Take advantage of CompatibL’s extensive experience in IT managed services and consulting to optimize your infrastructure. We offer IT service management solutions to help you achieve performance optimization, predict and cut costs, and apply our technological know-how to your business processes.

IT Consulting Services

IT consulting services, including performance optimization, business process automation services, and quantitative consulting services
  • IT Performance

  • Process Automation

  • Quantitative

IT Performance Optimization

IT performance optimization services provided by our team ensure systems run efficiently, diagnose operation and performance issues, and identify improvements.

We offer regular systems analysis to assist IT performance optimization and improve your system’s response time and speed of calculations.

Process Automation Services

Our business process automation services help to streamline our clients’ business processes.

CompatibL offers an optimal blend of personnel, processes, and technologies to help reconnect customers’ organizations with new, coherent, and finely tuned operating models. For financial process automation, it is crucial to provide the most relevant customer experiences and improve collaboration both between customers’ internal groups and with their external partners.

Quantitative Consulting

With CompatibL quantitative consulting services, your business will always comply with the different regulatory requirements. Our experts offer financial consulting services that include formal regulatory validation reports and internal reviews with actionable insights to address weaknesses and limitations.

We also embrace the most advanced and useful solutions for improved performance of daily workflows. Our solutions are based on our proven expertise and wide-ranging experience in the capital and financial services markets.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services, including application maintenance, infrastructure managed services, Level 1 and Level 2 application support, configuration management, and system monitoring
  • Application

  • Infrastructure

  • System

  • First- and
    Application Support

  • Configuration

Application Management Services

At CompatibL, we offer application management services to guarantee the entire IT infrastructure is cost-effective and runs smoothly and reliably:

  • IT consulting services
  • Infrastructure performance monitoring services
  • Cloud managed IT services
  • Incident management services
  • Request processing services
Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

With the expansion of big data, mobility, and clouds, companies face the major challenge of IT infrastructure maintenance.

At CompatibL, we offer infrastructure performance monitoring and IT support services including server management, product management, and IT training. We address specific infrastructure needs to ensure the smooth running and uninterrupted performance of our customers’ businesses.

System Monitoring Solutions

At CompatibL, we offer 24/7 monitoring of software, hardware, and overall system performance to ensure systems run accurately and efficiently. Our support teams respond immediately to alerts to avoid breakdowns and overloads and maintain system capacity. CompatibL monitoring solutions include:

  • Application management services
  • Server monitoring
  • Network and remote connectivity management
  • Event log management
  • Backup and recovery
First-and Second-Level Application Support

We offer first- and second-level support for applications developed in-house or by any third-party vendor. CompatibL support teams provide workarounds and hot fixes as well as suggesting solutions on cloud infrastructure monitoring, performance optimization, and financial process automation

The first level of support comprises user guidance, standard issue fixing, and monitoring of system data analysis. At the second level of support we outsource server administration and provide IT environment support (issue detection and fixing) and infrastructure monitoring solutions.

Configuration Management Services

With CompatibL configuration management solutions, we help define and control all the necessary components in a system or general infrastructure.

CompatibL configuration management services comprise configuration identification, baselines, change control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits and reviews.

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How You Can Benefit from Our Managed IT Services

CompatibL delivers wide-ranging expertise in IT services, advising clients on how to maximize the value of the support we offer.

IT specific benefits:

  • Increased IT efficiency
  • Better cloud-based infrastructure monitoring
  • Customized application management services
  • Enhanced infrastructure monitoring solutions
  • Defined roles, responsibilities, and authorization
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Increased understanding of companies’ IT systems
  • Improved flexibility and agility of IT services

Business related benefits:

  • Increased IT efficiency and productivity
  • Increased understating of business needs
  • Improved cost efficiency and value
  • Better management of expectations
  • Quantitative analysis consulting services
  • Performance optimization
  • Process automation in financial services

Management solutions benefits:

  • Reduction of the adverse impacts of outages or a decline in customer perception and satisfaction
  • Minimization of IT costs associated with change-related incidents
  • Elimination of costs related to delays by timely delivery of the required changes
  • Prioritization and fast-tracking
  • Better risk and impact assessment

Why CompatibL

Learn more about the benefits of our managed IT services for businesses and how we can help improve engagement and achieve operational excellence.

Industry Experts

We deliver customized IT consulting services to help customers stay on top of digital trends in financial services and ensure their digital infrastructures meet their business goals.

Our experts regularly consider the world’s leading technologies and have over 18 years of experience in financial consulting services, delivering top-notch services and solutions to commercial banks, central banks, and asset managers in 85 countries.

Security and Compliance

The CompatibL teams are committed to providing secure, compliant, stable, and reliable cloud application management services across major jurisdictions globally.

Our custom web application development services are powered by advanced identity and access management, data encryption, and recovery capabilities, so customers can trust their chosen solution is safe from threats, complies with recognized standards, and runs efficiently.

Proven Methodologies

Our teams deliver iterative, collaborative, and responsive software development solutions, system integration, software QA testing processes, and quantitative finance consulting that reduce inefficiencies and help build powerful digital financial services and solutions as quickly as possible.

Dedicated Teams

Our teams deliver the most advanced digital solutions, quantitative consulting, and financial consulting services to capital market companies worldwide.

CompatibL’s multidisciplinary teams deliver cutting-edge technology solutions supplemented with rock-solid security to drive businesses towards their goals and stimulate digital transformation.
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