CompatibL has been awarded Best Cloud Platform Award 2020 by bobsguide for CompatibL Cloud.

Each year, bobsguide welcomes entries to a number of categories in order to highlight the leading market participants across different fields. This year, with financial services providers leaning heavily on tech partners to help perform in tumultuous markets, recognising the leaders in each area has become increasingly important.

“This award is a culmination of our multi-year investment in CompatibL Cloud,” said Siarhei Niaborski, CompatibL’s Executive Vice President of Risk. “We are proud to be providing some of the world’s most advanced cloud solutions for trading and risk management. The Best Cloud Platform Award speaks volumes about the expertise and professionalism of our cloud engineering and support team and the maturity of our cloud technology.”

As one of the globally recognized leaders in trading and risk software, CompatibL has 17 year track record of delivering advanced software solutions to some of the world’s largest and best known banks and asset managers. The CompatibL Cloud award recognizes CompatibL’s continuing leadership in delivering its technology and expertise as a best cloud platform.

Cloud Adoption Special Report
Cloud Adoption Special Report
Check out CompatibL’s Cloud Adoption and Risk Report for a detailed overview of cloud adoption trends in financial services, AWS and Azure cloud adoption strategies, and barriers in migrating risk software to the cloud.

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