Join us for Quantitative Finance Days: Innovative Risk Management Solutions Today and Tomorrow, an informative and engaging event where you will gain valuable knowledge and insights on innovative risk management solutions to help you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving quantitative finance industry.

The event is jointly organized by CompatibL and d-fine—companies that both have a successful track record of delivering industry-leading solutions for the world’s largest financial institutions for more than 20 years.

Quantitative Finance Days will take place in Frankfurt on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 and in Zurich on Wednesday, June 21, 2023.

Each day will feature two expert presentations with Q&A sessions, followed by an informal networking session over drinks and refreshments, allowing all participants to engage in lively discussions.

Quantitative Finance Days with CompatibL and d-fine

  • Presentation #1

New Applications for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Capital Markets

We will explore the latest developments in ML and AI and their potential for improving risk management processes.

Speakers: Alexander Sokol (Founder & Head of Quant Research, CompatibL) and Christian Kappen (Manager & Senior Expert on Quantitative Finance, d-fine).

  • Presentation #2

CCR Limit Management: A Journey from Add-on-Based Methodology to Real-Time PFE Limits

We will present a case study on the implementation of modern counterparty credit risk solutions that provide intraday monitoring and real-time data analytics.

Speakers: Siarhei Niaborski (EVP & Head of Risk, CompatibL) and Holger Plank (Partner & Senior Expert on Valuation and CCR, d-fine).

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About CompatibL

CompatibL is a leading provider of trading and risk management solutions, custom software applications, and services to the financial industry. The company was founded in 2003 by Alexander Sokol, winner of the 2018 Risk Quant of the Year Award. CompatibL employs over 300 quants, solution architects, and software engineers in North America, Europe, and Asia. CompatibL’s model validation and quantitative consultancy practice specializes in portfolio valuation, risk, and regulatory compliance.

About d-fine

d-fine is a European consulting firm focused on analytical and quantitative challenges and the development of sustainable technological solutions. The company’s 1000+ employees with a strong scientific background and its many years of practical experience enable d-fine to provide tailor-made, efficient, and reliable solutions for more than 200 clients, from every sector of the economy.

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