Custom Development for the Sell Side

CompatibL has over 10 years of experience in custom development of sell side applications for front and middle office. The following is a partial list of our custom development projects.

CDS and Corporate Bond Trading System

CompatibL developed a CDS and corporate bond trading system for a US based dealer including:

  • Trade blotter and decision support screens for CDS curve and bond trading with integrated analytics and real time data;
  • User interface emphasizing fast keystroke and mouse based navigation speed;
  • Decision support tools including formula based rules with Excel syntax to identify rich or cheap CDS and bonds. The rules can be updated by each trader individually in real time, or shared by a group of traders;
  • Order creation tools including pre-filling order screens based on application context;
  • Integration with collaboration tools to handle basket orders involving multiple traders;
  • Search of trade history with trader comments and reference data;
  • Real time P&L and risk update.

The application is used for over 90% of trading volume in CDS and corporate bonds globally.

ABS Trading System

CompatibL implemented an ABS trading system which supports the following asset classes within the ABS market:

  • Home equity loans;
  • Auto loans;
  • Credit card receivables;
  • Student loans;
  • Stranded cost utilities.

The software also supports securities collateralized by HELs including first lien loans, second-lien loans, LTV loans, re-performing loans, scratch and dent loans.

CMBS/RMBS Trading System

CompatibL developed a CMBS. RMBS trading system for a US bank which supports all CMBS/RMBS trades in their portfolio and integrates with multiple in-house databases and data feeds.

Real Time P&L System

CompatibL developed a multi-asset real time P&L application for a major US bank

  • Java server, C++ calculation engine, and .NET client;
  • Third party market data integration;
  • Third party analytics integration;
  • Additional derivatives analytics created by CompatibL.

Loan Matching and Settlement System

CompatibL developed an application for electronic matching and settlement of commercial loans traded in the secondary market. The software also covers syndication of new issue bank loans and reconciliation of borrower information.

The application is based on a messaging interface with real-time connectivity channels and ability to process high volume data. It has a flexible user interface to monitor and administer message flows.