Custom Development Services

CompatibL's custom development practice has expertise and a proven record of successful delivery of complex applications for the financial industry, going back to our first custom development delivery in 2003 – a Monte Carlo PFE based real time limit management tool which is still in use today.

CompatibL’s custom development team has experience in delivering for both sell side and buy side. Our primary focus is in custom development in the following areas:

  • Trading applications including flow and structured sides of the business
  • Risk management including FVA and credit risk
  • Asset management including algorithmic trading
  • Derivatives valuation

CompatibL Platform

CompatibL Platform

CompatibL Platform is a library of components for building enterprise applications, primarily intended for internal use by CompatibL's custom software development practice and also available as licensed software in source code form.

As a customer of our custom development practice, you can direct CompatibL team to use your firm's software components and frameworks only, or combine them with the appropriate components from CompatibL platform. In the latter case, the components are licensed as source code to your firm at no additional cost.