Alexander Sokol


Alexander Sokol Executive Chairman of CompatibL,
Quant of the Year Award Winner (2018) Fintech Person of the Year (2022)

Course Description

The course is intended for those who already know Python scripts and Jupyter notebooks but would like to learn how to build large scale enterprise software packages in Python as part of a professional software development organization.

  • · Principles of large scale software design for Python
  • · Best practices in using classes and inheritance
  • · Best practices in test development
  • · Working with complex data – dataclass, attrs, pydantic
  • · Designing and responsibly versioning microservices
  • · Creating useful and concise documentation
  • · Best practices in version control and issue tracking
  • · Packaging your software for distribution

Course Schedule

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Eastern Europe GMT+3
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