Risk and Trading System Project Implementation Services


CompatibL’s custom software development practice is trusted by the largest international banks, including several major dealers, to provide implementation services for mission critical projects.

Our developers, quants, and business analysts are an integral part of our implementation team, and are well acquainted with the latest quantitative research, development technologies, and implementation practices to provide seamless, one-stop delivery of both the analytics and engineering aspects of the overall solution.

CompatibL’s experts will work with your management to identify and understand your business objectives and develop strategies for achieving them in a timely and successful manner.

Recently completed projects

CompatibL provided integration and implementation services for multiple in-house systems and leading vendor solutions as well as bespoke project work that included the following:

  • Real time PFE based pre-trade limit monitor.
  • Regulatory capital solutions for several European and US banks.
  • Enterprise infrastructure for batch and intraday transfer of trade data from multiple trading systems into the enterprise risk platform.
  • Collateral optimisation solution.
  • Electronic trading platform for a major asset manager.
  • Front-office pricing and PnL estimation tool. Front-office pricing and PnL estimation tool used by corporate bond traders, heads of desks, and senior managers from various credit product groups of a major international bank.