Technology Partners

CompatibL works with several leading technology vendors in implementing front and middle office vendor solutions for mutual customers. To protect client confidentiality, we are not able to disclose the details of every partnership; however some are public and well known.



CompatibL is an accredited Murex Business Partner with over 7 years of experience of Murex integration.


Industry Events and Training Partners

CompatibL’s partnerships with top conference and training organizers include conference presentations, workshops, and training courses.

ICBI logo

CompatibL’s quant team frequently presents at ICBI conferences, one of the most dynamic and innovative on topics from investment management, private equity to alternative investments, infrastructure finance and risk management.

WBS logo

CompatibL is the integration and consulting partner of WBS, workshops and conferences organiser for the capital markets and treasury divisions of investment companies worldwide.

Quants Hub logo

Alexander Sokol is a presenter of several workshops at Quants Hub, an online learning platform for Quantitative Analysts, Risk Managers, Structuring and Trading Desks, Model Validators, Programmers and Developers, Financial Engineers and Treasury Desks.