CompatibL Technologies was founded in 2003 to offer risk technology solutions to banks and asset managers. Since then CompatibL has established itself as the leading provider of quantitative software and solutions for limits and regulatory capital.

CompatibL has over 200 experienced developers and financial engineers and boasts a client base of over 50 banks, central banks, supranational and asset managers in the US, EMEA and Asia, including 4 out of 5 largest derivatives dealers. Over 70 major projects have been implemented across this client base. CompatibL is headquartered in the United States and United Kingdom.

Why CompatibL?

CompatibL offers turnkey solutions for regulatory capital as well as full support, implementation and customization services by experienced quants and development teams.

CompatibL is at the forefront of many important industry innovations and trends around the trading and risk space, including adjoint algorithmic differentiation (AAD), a technique that has the potential of delivering massive performance gains for the calculation of sensitivities and capital measures, real world measure modelling for more accurate limits and capital, and the quantification of settlement risk as part of the overall counterparty credit risk.

CompatibL has been named the winner of the 2017 award for Specialist Market Risk Technology Vendor and Alexander Sokol wins Quant of the 2018 Year.


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